Lexington House manages entrusted projects at high quality standards through all stages, from receiving the request to delivering the translated document. For optimal communication, the Project Manager keeps you constantly updated with the status of your projects, and coordinates the translators and proofreaders in your dedicated team, making sure that requests are met on time, according to intended standards. All the projects we manage observe precise procedures which guarantee quality results every time, for every client. The ISO 9001 quality management certification, awarded by Lloyd's Register, confirms that our organizing procedures comply with internationally acknowledged standards.


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We are very excited to tell you about our latest and interesting experience with using Weglot multilingual Translation Plugin, a powerful multilingual user-friendly solution to translate and display a website in different languages! As part of providing translation services for one of our major clients, we had the opportunity to use Weglot, which enables users to translate and manage translations very efficiently. Although the platform is fast in localizing website content, pure machine translations are seldom reliable. This is where our team, directly plugged in Weglot, played a major role, providing high-quality feedback via the Dashboard - Visual Editor tool. If you ever consider purchasing this plugin, we are happy to assist you with our professional input, as we are already well-acquainted with its features and the way it works!

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Salamanca, Spain, November 28-30: Translation and Cultural Sustainability: Foundations, Fundamentals and Applications

Lodz, Poland, December 7-9: 5th International Conference on “Translatology and Translations” - Language – Translation – Identity

Hong Kong, December 10-12: Space for Translation: Thresholds of Interpretation


This month, we thought that it would be good to share a few tips on how you could provide more comprehensive, simpler translations. Given that your translation needs to be fully understood by any reader who does not usually see the text of the original document, as well, when writing for translation purposes, the golden applicable rule is that you are advised to use simple and clear phrasing. Basically, the translation needs to read as if it had originally been written in the target language. You should choose words that are short and simple. This will help make the translation more accurate. And do not forget ... never ever should you deliver a translation project before using the spellcheck button. You can find out more on this topic by reading this month’s Article on our blog.

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Certified translations

In over 20 languages, and various specific fields. You can count on us for: Economic translations, Legal translations, Technical translations...

Apostille certification

According to the Hague Convention, in order to be acknowledged abroad, documents need a certification (stamp) called Apostille...

Specialized Interpreting

Certified by the Ministry of Justice, our interpreters are at your service for business meetings, conferences, seminars, notary public offices, reunions,

Foreign language courses

As we are specialized in foreign languages, our team of professional foreign language teachers has developed a new project the quality and efficiency...

Notarized translations

Upon request, translations can be certified and notarized by a notary public, a service implying the notarization fee of the notary’s office only.

Book Translation

We have experience and we are specialized in book translation in many areas: fiction, non-fiction, religion, self-help books, psychology...


Do you want to make sure that a document is properly translated? You can choose our proofreading service (translation revision / correction) at 50%...

Movie Translation

We provide translation for featuring movies, documentaries, sitcoms, Romanian movie productions to be promoted abroad...


:) translations


“E dureros. E clar că nu s-a îngropat singur acolo.”

Original text:

“It’s painfully obvious he didn’t get there by himself.”

Challenge of the month

How well can you translate the following text?

Verificare a ogni nuova produzione le specifiche tecniche (spessori, temperature, pressioni) adottate l’ultima volta che si è realizzata la medesima lastra, applicando le eventuali modifiche introdotte qualora l’Istruzione Operativa di Produzione Lastre disponibile non sia stata ancora aggiornata