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False friends have developed in many languages over the years, for various reasons. For example, in some cases, the two false friends have similar origins, perhaps having both been borrowed from a third language, but their meanings have deviated over time. In other cases, however, the words could have completely different origins, but because pronunciations and spellings shift gradually, they have both ended up looking or sounding similar.

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The unprecedented interculturality of the modern world, facilitated by a multitude of communication media, has surprising effects on language, especially in what semantics mutations are concerned. The linguistic phenomenon whereby, under the influence of another language, new meanings are assigned to words that already exist in the language, is called semantic calque. Although this is a natural phenomenon in the evolution of each language, such calques are often unnecessary, because they do not define a new concept that speakers need, but simply occur because at some point speakers do not care so much as to look for the correct translation, choosing the first word that comes to mind, which is the closest in terms of phonetics and usually has the same origin. The new meanings, the inadequacy of which only matches their recurrence, then sneak into the day-to-day vocabulary because they sound perfectly natural and soon become so familiar that they can no longer be eliminated.

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