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It is no secret that the world as we know it may never be the same again after the end of the current situation humanity is facing. Never before have globalization and our adjustment skills been put to such stress-test. Never before has the importance of mastering and learning foreign languages taken the spotlight so obviously. We live in a digital world, where information is one-click away and we are faced with a major global health crisis against which doctors worldwide fight in the first line of defence, racing against the clock. A battle against a very pervasive, unpredictable, new enemy which seems to defy every little aspect of human life, as we have known it so far… so, I think we could  agree on the fact that conveying and exchanging information in due time is essential in this huge global effort.

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In linguistics, a calque is actually a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal, word-for-word translation. The term calque is borrowed from French and it derives from the verb “calquer” which means “to copy”, “to trace”. More specifically, we use the verb “to calque” when speaking about borrowing a word or phrase from another language while translating its components so as to create a new lexeme in the target language.

Often, when people think about translation and translators, in broad terms, they still have the image of a bookworm, thick glasses on their noses, frantically typing words… maybe even surrounded by dusty old books, in a library-type setting. Easy like Sunday morning, perhaps? What can be easier than sitting at a desk, reading a text and conveying it to another language? Even more so if a lingua franca, such as English, is involved in the process. Every jack and jackie of all trades know their way in English, nowadays, right?

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Over 70% of Romanians believe that every European should know at least one foreign language and 60% believe that English is the best option for the future. According to a Eurobarometer survey on attitudes towards foreign languages and multilingualism, nearly half of Romanians say they can have a conversation in a foreign language, English being the most used. The backlash, however, is that only 20% of Romanians use a foreign language during holidays, compared to the European average, i.e. of 50%.

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Translations, the final frontier. This is a land where grammar rules and typos are the plague that affects the best of text editing software, a land that knows no spatial or temporal boundaries and whose dwellers tend to go “where no one has gone before” several times a day, depending on their moods and on the difficulty of their tasks at hand. These dwellers, true masters of words, silver tongues and decipherers of the cursive handwriting, seem to possess actual magical abilities that allow them to reshape communication in order to make it graspable by all intended parties.

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We know that few people are aware of what this complex cultural phenomenon of translation entails. Below, we will address some major aspects, from the translation perceived as a rewrite, to the possibilities and chances of a successful literary translation, to the condition of the translator or to the reception of the translation activity, to the deadlines that the translation implies or to the status of traductology as a science of translating text from one language into another.

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În domeniul traducerilor, performanța se atinge după ani de experiență, dar procesul de documentare și de perfecționare continuă pe durata întregii cariere. Pentru a se asigura de acuratețea termenilor utilizați, echipa noastră de traducători și interpreți profesioniști se documentează în permanență pentru traducerile pe care le realizează, Indiferent dacă este vorba despre texte tehnice, juridice, fiscale, medicale sau din orice alt domeniu. Vă prezentăm mai jos o serie de resurse care ne ajută să ne îmbunătățim constant cunoștințele:

Asociații de traducători

Surse de terminologie

Instrumente CAT (programe de traducere asistata)

Portaluri pentru traducători