We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for business meetings, conferences, seminars, notary signing, reunions, interviews, etc. Our interpreters can become your “voice”, and act as intermediaries for communication under the best possible conditions and with the best outcome regardless of topics.

We ensure liaison during officials meetings, whispering, consecutive interpreting during trials in Court (criminal commercial law section), interpreting at the Civil Status Office, linguistic assistance during interviews held at the Romanian Office for Immigration, escort interpreting for foreign delegations in the country and abroad, due diligence missions, guide interpreting for foreign tourist or foreign businessmen willing to invest in Romania, simultaneous interpreting during conferences, workshops, training sessions, briefing sessions, high profile events, as well as live TV dubbing & voice over for cartoons and radio or TV commercials.

For optimal interpreting, it is advisable to offer us as many details on your event as possible, a few days in advance.