In the translation process, we care not only to render information in a consistent manner, but also to maintain the specific communication style and register, by adapting to the target audience according to the intended use of the translation, without deviating from the source text. We pay attention to the linguistic and cultural specificities, to the informational message, exactness, accuracy and brevity of materials submitted for translation, and we reconstruct style and identity elements specific to each type of text and information. We work with constantly updated terminology databases customized for translation languages,​​ activity fields and sub-fields, and use specialized tools that streamline our work. Also, well-defined work procedures enable us to manage urgent projects without compromising quality.



Do you want to make sure that a document is properly translated? You can choose our proofreading service (translation revision / correction) at 50% of the translation cost.

Certified translations

In over 20 languages, and various specific fields. You can count on us for: Economic translations, Legal translations, Technical translations, Medical translations

Movie Translation

We provide translation for featuring movies, documentaries, sitcoms, Romanian movie productions to be promoted abroad, transcription and translation of interviews with high profile personalities from various business fields, for subtitling purposes.

Specialized Interpreting

Certified by the Ministry of Justice, our interpreters are at your service for business meetings, conferences, seminars, notary public offices, reunions, etc.

Apostille certification

According to the Hague Convention, in order to be acknowledged abroad, documents need a certification (stamp) called Apostille. Lexington provides this service as well, upon request.

Book Translation

We have experience and we are specialized in book translation in many areas: fiction, non-fiction, religion, self-help books, psychology/psychiatry, history, medicine/chemistry/pharma, public relations, marketing, real estate, retail, constructions, telecommunications, human resources, law.

Notarized translations

Upon request, translations can be certified and notarized by a notary public, a service implying the notarization fee of the notary’s office only.

Foreign language courses

As we are specialized in foreign languages, our team of professional foreign language teachers has developed a new project the quality and efficiency of which fully recommend us.